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Life Directives

Principles I’ve discovered on how to live.

Freedom above all else

In a world of ever-increasing demands, your freedom (not from responsibility) is of utmost important. Being trapped by a system of work or busyness or perfectionism isn't a path to success. Find freedom; not to be uncaring and irresponsible but rather to be fruitful and prosperous.

When in Doubt, say no or do less

Often more is always available and the idea that more can get done in the future. If you have even a single doubt about it, just say no.

You are the source

Not your body or your arm or your intellecut but you. Not your bank account or anything else but you are the source of your life. Not a relationship or anything else. If it is anything else beyond you, insecurity will reside.

Whatever you do, be fully convinced

Do things in sequence not in parallel

Everything will have a 100x factor beyond what you initially think is being done. Because of that, don't start multiple things at the same time without the resources to handle 100x growth.

Learn by doing, not by only reading.

Reading is important but you learn by doing. Read to learn something to do it immediately; not a few years later. Also, avoid the system of thinking that says education for x years than work for y years. No. The fastest way to truly understand something and learn it is by doing it. But even more so; after doing it, teaching it.

99% of Effort is Wasted.

We just don't know which 99%. But once something hits/resonates/explodes, drop everything else and focus your energy on growth.

Life is more than food & the body more than clothing

One of Jesus' famous lines was this, do not be anxious for anything. It's a great reminder that

Follow Power

Any system you follow should help you step into your power not feel powerless or less powerful. That doesn't mean there is not vulnerabilities in life but that you have the power that God bestowed to you at all times. Does this belief system lead to a powerlessness or said differently, giving away your power. God intends you to step into your power.

99% is physiological

Tony Robbins says success is 80% physiological and 20% tactical. I believe tactical is extremely important but think it almost gives too much space to think physiological is less important. My rule of thumb: 99% is physiological.

Be 100% into it

Really, don't waste timing doing things at a 10% level or a 90% level. Te hardest to differentiate between is the 90% and 100%. What I do to keep my eyes wide and know where to put my energy is in the things that take my attention and I don't need to be loyal to. For instance, what am I loyal to that I don't even try to be loyal to?

You can't teach growth; but do all you can to learn it

Teaching growth is like teaching someone to dance or swim; you can give clear directives but it's important for the person to do what is necessary. But even then, in the end, they are the one who makes it happen. They are the ones who must perform in their own unique flow. Growth is the same - it's like a dance and walk through life that takes training but also personal experience.

Praise specifically, criticize generally. (Warren Buffett)

Most people do the exact opposite. This is the biggest difference between a cynic (I'm just telling the truth - type of attitue) versus an optimist.

Repair is the most importanat aspect of relationship. Right next to connection.

If you can connect with someone, that's great. But if they are not good at repair or you guys don't repair well, then it's important to not tie any of your future to them, whether in business, life, or anything else. You can talk to them, help them, etc, but it's not your problem. Learn your attachment style (read