Measure your success daily. It helps you understand where you are growing. It's less about measuring if you miss and measuring when you make it. Design your life in a way that brings absolutely happiness to your soul so that when the difficulties come, which they will, you do not question yourself or your understanding of the world but learn to explore with wide eyes and open hands. Most are captured by fear. With eyes squinting and hands tight. But what can live give you, if when it's asking you to receive, you... well, run away. What can a child receive if he is always running away.

Favorite Foundaries

General Type Studio

Favorite Font: Cambon

Klim Type Foundary

Favorite Fonts: Founders Grotest, Heldane, National, Pitch, and Signifier... oh, and Untitled Sans is gorgeous!

My Favorite Foundary (mainly because the fonts are beauitful and they are based in Switzerland). My favorite fonts from Foundary (below) are also designed by the same gentlemen who designed Squarespace's brand font... whoa!

Favorite Fonts: Theinhardt,Apax,Rand, and absolute favorite is Practice. This is by far my favorite font. It's classical, it's fresh, it's just right. Apple actually uses this font here and there for their news app.


Pangram Pangram

Favorite Fonts: Telegraf, Object Sans is nice, Neue World, and Fraktion

Mainstream but worth the mention

Finally, Google Fonts

These fonts are all free by Google!

Grilli Type


Favorite: Lettera Mono


Favorite: Maison Blanche