Favorite Quotes

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Ideas I’ve Learned in Bible College

This page is for me to capture & document some of my favorite quotes from Bible College.

“Having a right perspective of God, really matters. Just behind that, having a right view of ourselves, really matters.” - Leadership

When he gave up what he could not control, he regained control of what he was designed to control: himself. (52) from How People Grow - Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

The Bible is fully and completely the word of God, even to the choice of words, without violating the writers personality. - Class on doctrine

“Everyone in the world wants to make a difference but not be different.” - Leadership

“We don’t rise to our highest level of potential, we usually fall to our lowest level of disciplines.” - Leadership

“The fastest way to emptiness is give your best to something else than God.” - Leadership

“We are living in our prayers.” - Leadership

“What seems like an abortion of God’s plan actually ends up being the road to fulfillment. If we stay obedience and free from offense.” - John Bevere

“You know you are healthy when you dream again.”

“First the bow is bent in study, then the arrow is released in preaching.” - Saint-Cher (1200-1263)